Mahogany Mustang in its final state for Frankie.

Almost done with the Starmaster for LV.

Lloyd's JM is complete and out enjoying this spring like sunshine.

Going with a platinum blonde for LV.

Dave's is done.

Finish is on for Dave.

The black stain looks excellent on Dave's SG Jr.

Finally got the color right for Frankie's vintage spec Mustang. Going with a Mahogany body was the right choice.

Close up on a Non Reverse with Cotton White finish. This one's for me.

My take on a Thurston Moore JM with Sunday Handwound pickups on the way for Lloyd.

Signature Charcoal headstock.

Experiment with an indigo vat.

Plant based dyes

Hard wax oil satin finishes

US and Japanese parts

Custom guitars built in Atlanta for under $1000